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Mate Bike UK are now taking preorders for the exclusive Mate Bike x Moncler collaboration model. The latest e-bike was introduced at the Genius Milan Fashion Week 2020 show to which it received a great deal of attention and praise. More than just an innovative mode of transportation, the Mate X Moncler Mate Bike is soon to become a fashion icon.

Mate Bike and Moncler have partnered together to create an absolutely stunning masterpiece that is limited to only 1000 units.

“Cantered around a personal expression at the summit of fashion and tech innovations, the collaboration resulted in a limited edition eBike series.”

Stylish And Attractive

The Mate X Moncler Mate Bike is available in two beautiful colours, “PEAK WHITE” and “DEEP BLACK”. The “PEAK WHITE” look is an all-white edition drawing its inspiration from the snow-capped mountain peaks and alpine glaciers of Europe. A splash of shiny chrome adds contrast and creates a luxurious appearance. The “DEEP BLACK” Mate X Moncler Mate Bike is sleek and shadowy, reminiscent of a deep, dark night.

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Lightweight And Powerful

The Mate X Moncler Mate Bike is the perfect urban explorer, but is equally at home carving fresh powder on a mountain slope. Featuring a frame made of space-grade aluminum and a performance-tuned 250W or 1000W motor with throttle that can reach speeds of 52 kmh/32 mph (unlocked), the Mate X Moncler Mate Bike is both lightweight and powerful. An upgraded 3400 Li-Ion 48V 17.5 Ah battery from Samsung uses high capacity battery cells which ensure a range of up to 110 km on a single charge.

Advanced Features

Additional features of the Mate X Moncler Mate Bike include 4G connectivity which provides the rider with extremely accurate temperature, voltage, and cell-balancing readings. You also get remote live-tracking and Mate Bike’s exclusive anti-theft system with their patent-pending “Self-Destruct Mode.”

Pre-Order Your Mate X Moncler Mate Bike Today

The Mate X Moncler Mate Bike starts at £3,549 and is available for pre-order today. To pre-order your Mate X Moncler Mate Bike and be among the first to experience the sheer joy of riding an e-bike, click this link today!

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