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Earth Day with MATE Cities | matebike.uk

Today, April 22nd, the team here at MATE Bike UK are celebrating Earth Day 2021. As an electric bike company, it would be easy for us to only think about the bike market, and what we as an industry can do to be more environmentally friendly. But we go a bit further than that, and it’s because of where MATE started. 

We don’t limit ourselves to competing with other electric bike companies. With Earth Day firmly in mind, we want MATE Bike to rival all forms of transport which damage our planet.

MATE began in Copenhagen, with our co-founder Julie, who has an academic background as an Associate Partner at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and expertise in sustainable solutions and urban planning. This, alongside sibling co-founder Christian’s knowledge of cutting-edge tech products, has guided MATE’s overall goals to address traffic congestion, climate change and health issues.

In cities across the UK, air pollution is already a serious, and life-threatening issue. According to the UK Government, transport remains the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting for 34 per cent in 2019. Vehicles are also the largest noise pollution, with growing congestion a key reason for this. Traffic in our cities is damaging our planet, and it’s clear that we need to look at new methods and means of transport to ensure the health of our earth. It’s with this in mind that we see electric transport, and specifically e-bikes as a key solution. 

Earth Day with MATE Cities | matebike.uk

Our bikes require nothing more than electric energy and a couple of pedals to ride as far as 60 miles. You can save your legs, save energy, and save the planet at the same time, it’s that simple.

But, like every brand, we understand that we can’t simply rest on our laurels. So, we’ve continued to improve our sustainability with our packaging process. Rather than use plastic and package every single piece of your bike separately, we’re starting to use one big, recyclable box, to make sure we reduce waste as best as we can. 

We as a society all need to do our bit to look after the environment, and a big step (or pedal) forward is how we move.


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