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We’ll help you with a guided bike build, warranty registration and signed up to the free 30 day insurance with Pedalsure

3 Steps to setup and get riding

1Bike Build Guide

Do you need to assemble your MATE bike?

2Register for warranty

3free insurance signup

Build your bike

warranty registration

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In order to register for warranty we'd like to gather some information about your MATE bike

This can be found underneath the axle of your MATE bike. If it's illegible, state 'unreadable'.
This can be your order confirmation email as a screengrab - Make sure your name is clearly visible. - (Max. 2 files - 10Mb)

Warranty Agreement

Agreement and MATE newsletter

Free pedalsure insurance


Register with Pedalsure and get 30 days free specialist insurance for you and your bike.
So what does it cover:

  • Cover is for all MATE bikes with a 250w maximum motor
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • £250 Accessories cover
  • Keep your insurance after 30 days and Pedalsure will apply a 15% discount on the remainder of your policy
  • Upgrade to add more bikes, competition cover, travel and personal cover
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Red Bull urban transport on a MATE X | matebike.uk
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Registering your bike allows you to:

– Make warranty claims easily and save you time.
– Keep your bike information safe.
– Receive exclusive news and information about our products and events.

– Every MATE comes with a two-year limited manufacturer warranty on the battery and motor.

– There is a five-year limited warranty on the frame and components of your MATE.

– If a manufacturer production defect is found within this period, we will respond according to our warranty.

– MATEBIKE.UK guarantees each new MATE frame against defects in workmanship and materials for five years.
All original materials are guaranteed for five years from date of original purchase, whilst electrical components are guaranteed for two years from date of original purchase.

– If there is a material or manufacturing defect we will replace the defective part free of charge if we are notified within 5 years for parts on the bike frame or 2 years for electrical components for registered bikes.

– MATE is for use on roads and varied terrains however it is not designed for cross country riding; this can stress frame, tyres and wheels. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear components such as tires, inner tubes, brake pads, chains, etc…

– If you are concerned about the wear on a component, or if it has stopped working or even has broken, please contact us directly. We will inspect your MATE to assess for you if a warranty request is justified.

– We will need to see you are the owner of the MATE, that it is still within the warranty period and that it has been used within the operational expectations for the bicycle.

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