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More and more people throughout the UK are realising the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to renew our interest in strengthening our immune systems and living a healthier, more active lifestyle. One way that we can do this is to skip the bus and the subway and ride our bicycles to work instead.

But who wants to be sweaty and exhausted when they arrive to work? After all, bicycling can be hard work at times, especially in a large city such as London. This is where an e-bike comes in handy.

The Benefits Of E-Bikes

E-bikes make travelling through large cities, congested traffic, and inclement weather easier and a lot more enjoyable than a traditional bicycle. This also means that when you ride an e-bike, you will arrive to work energised and ready, not tired and sweaty.

One such e-bike that is becoming more and more popular with the UK cycling crowd is the Mate Bike.

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The Mate Bike E-Bike

Mate Bikes are urban electric bicycle featuring powerful motor/battery combos, Shimano 8-speed shifting, Tektro disc brakes for maximum stopping power, fat tyres and a full suspension able which makes tackling any terrain easy. Mate Bikes feature an easy to use thumb throttle which requires minimal effort to be underway. 

The best part about Mate Bike urban electric bicycles is that you can use Mate Bike’s exclusive Build Your Bike feature to design your own!

How Cyclescheme Works

From 15 June, anyone riding public transport here in the UK will be required by law to wear a face mask. This, and the recent COVID-19 crisis, has many workers looking for alternative methods of transportation to and from work. This is where Mate Bike UK and Cyclescheme come in. 

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What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is “an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a bike and accessories.” With Cyclescheme, you pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken from your salary by your employer. Cyclescheme is convenient and easy to use and it enables you to get a brand new Mate Bike e-bike and some useful cycling accessories designed to make your commute more effective and efficient.

With Cyclescheme, simply pick your package & apply, get your gear, and choose an ownership option.

Some Interesting Cyclescheme Statistics

  • Cyclescheme is roughly 50% of the Cycle to Work market, with the other 6 or 7 providers making up the remainder.
  • eBike sales now make up roughly 11% of all cycle to work transactions. This is increasing steadily year on year.
  • Cyclescheme has processed over 850,000 cycle to work certificates since its inception.
  • Cyclescheme has helped generate over half a billion £ in sales for the Cycle industry.

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Purchasing Your Mate Bike

If you are considering purchasing a Mate Bike and joining the thousands of other cyclists who are a part of the UK Cycle To Work Scheme, click this link to be redirected to the Mate Bike cycle scheme calculator page.

Contact Mate Bike

To learn more about the UK Cycle To Work Scheme, contact Mate Bike today and start building your customised Mate Bike now!

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