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Palm Angels x MATE

Palm Angels x MATE

The leader in streetwear meets the leader in electric vehicles.

Our special collaboration with Palm Angels launches at the end of July 2021, presenting an electric bike and a capsule collection of clothing items, celebrating true characters.

Street culture has always inspired the genetic codes of Palm Angels; from skating to biking, the origin of the brand itself recalls the imaginary and urban attitude of Californian kids. The crossover mindset is still one of the fundamental principles of Palm Angels, bringing on experiments and incursions in different fields, creating a full Palm Angels lifestyle and generating a new category of hybrids.

The flashy mirrored silver steel of the bike is customised by the Palm Angels and MATE logo, placed on both sides of the vehicle structure. The new created PM initials is on the front, stating the merge of two identities. Long black leather fringes appear on the handles, playing with the wind as the speed increases.

A sweatshirt, cotton t-shirt and canvas vest with a Palm Angels patch stitched over the MATE woven signature completes the collaboration.

The Palm Angels x MATE collaboration represents the MATE mindset. We’re more than a bike, and our passion for changing lifestyles shines through. We deliver unexpected emotions and means of expression, with an unapologetic mindset.

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