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MATE: Meet the Future of Your Urban Commute

MATE are electric bikes with a difference. There are two models , MATE City for urban riders, and MATE X with its chunky tyres for urban and off-road enthusiasts, and two battery sizes for medium or long range. 

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Discover the Design and Fashion World of MATE

MATE Bikes are robust, fast, foldable, stowable, urban and tell their most important story by design in the way their form follows function. Unlike most e-bikes, MATE is designed with a hidden, removable battery , which, supplemented by its chunky tyres and offbeat but on-trend fashion colours, give the bike a unique look influenced by street culture and fashion codes with ultimate rider functionality.

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Meet The Coolest Two Wheels Around

Hello from Copenhagen!  MATE is a Copenhagen based e-bike and lifestyle company. We were founded in Denmark and launched one of the most successful Global crowdfunding campaigns to get us started in 2016. The intention...

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The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Riding an E-Bike

It’s a question which vexes many. Is riding an e-bike somehow cheating at doing “real” exercise? Is the pedal assist facility shorthand for sitting back and letting the e-bike do all of the work? The answer is a resounding no.

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Top 7 Planet & People Loving Reasons to buy a MATE e-bike

If you’re browsing this page, you already know that e-bikes are the future of commuting. You may already have decided that your next vehicle for getting around won’t be a car, electric or otherwise.

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