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Commuting To Work In 2021

Commuting to 2021 |

 fair to say that 2020 has been quite a challenging year for people all over the world. The year began with the COVID-19 crisis just entering the UK and, as it spread throughout the country, we saw lockdowns, social distancing, quarantines, and many people working from home, taking up cycling as a new past time or commuting to work via bicycle to avoid crowded public transit systems.

But now, as we are entering the New Year, we have hope that it will be much better than the last. Major pharmaceutical companies have produced effective vaccines and more and more people are returning to work. Still, people are avoiding public transportation and continuing with their cycling commutes to and from the office. In fact, many countries and their governments are investing more money in cycling infrastructure. This is leading to a new future for transportation and it is making it easier than ever for people to cycle to work safely and conveniently.

The All-New MATE City

If you are among the many workers riding to work every day on your traditional bicycle, it might be time to upgrade to the all-new MATE City. The MATE City from Mate Bike is an advanced e-bike designed to make commuting easier while still providing many of the same health benefits of traditional cycling.

Benefits of Commuting by Bicycle

There are many benefits to commuting to work on an e-bike with the most obvious one being safety. By avoiding crowded public transportation, commuters can also help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. They will be keeping themselves and others safe and healthy while health officials get the pandemic under control. 

Another benefit of commuting to work on the MATE City is that you will improve your physical and mental fitness while boosting your immune system. Not only will this help you fight off a variety of germs, viruses, and diseases, but a healthy mind, body, and immune system will help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Tips For Commuting Via MATE City

When commuting to work on a MATE City, you will find that it is much easier to move through traffic and avoid road hazards. This is due to the MATE City’s powerful electric motor and excellent low centre of gravity. Still, preparing for your work commute is important in 2021. Be sure to dress for the weather, layer clothing to keep warm, and add a waterproof outer layer to stay dry. Then, choose a shoulder bag that is spacious, yet comfortable, to keep all of your gear safely stowed away. Finally, always give your bike a walk around before your commute home. Inspect it for any damage and remove any snow, ice, or debris that could make riding dangerous.

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