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MATE X 750W Sterling Moss


Range: 120 KM

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Smart LCD color display that shows all data needed, including battery and pedal assist level. Integrated 5V charging port.

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Speed 32 KM/H

The combination of powerful motor and high-voltage battery allow you to reach the legal speed rapidly

Range 120 KM

Smart battery allows for unmatched torque and a range of up to 120km on a single charge

Hydraulic brakes

Disc brakes for smoother, more reliable braking with fingertip effort

Power 750W

Great acceleration and the capacity to ride further per charge

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Full-color smart display gives you access to advanced settings. Control your speed settings, enact walk-assist, or charge your devices using the built-in USB.

Braking system

Disc brakes for smoother, more reliable braking with fingertip effort.


Twist shifter for smooth, crisp shifting between gears

Frameset and suspension

A secure full-suspension system gives you comfort over all terrains at any speed

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